Carmen's Banquet Center, Hamilton - Experiences?

Hi everyone, 

I am trying to choose a venue, and I have had the "Carmen's look" in my head for years so would love to use that as my venue, but so far they have given us a bad impression. First, they double booked our viewing appointment therefore lost the appointment, and when I emailed them, they seemed a little sympathetic but only because "they had to". It seems as if the sales rep. didn't even care. We have also heard that the food can be hit or miss, and that they book 2-3 weddings an evening (sharing the lobby with two other weddings, and noise from other weddings going on). Both of these aspects make me nervous, yet the price is so right for my amount of guests. I am torn to say the least. 

Does anyone have any feedback on their service at all? 

Thanks is advance, 

Re: Carmen's Banquet Center, Hamilton - Experiences?

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    I haven't been there myself but I was considering the Carmen Hotel because their pricing was hard to beat.  But my issue was that it was a bit too far for everyone to travel so I kept it to the GTA.  They answered my email promptly about my inquiry, but after discussing it with my FI, we decided not to go so far away from the city.

    Hopefully, some of the other girls here have some feedback to help you out. 
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    I've been to many weddings at Carmen's.  Everything you said above is true from my experience: food is decent but not incredible and there is always 1-2 other events than yours.

    However, it's a good party place - ppl always have fun and if you're in Hamilton, it's pretty local and easy to get to.  And I can't speak to the experience of working with the admin staff or event coordinators, but the bartenders and servers have always been nice and pleasant.

  • I have been here twice. First time was my cousins wedding and they were on a tight budget so it was friday evening and minimal courses. We didnt eat until 8:30 and dinner was suppose to be at 6pm. Ppl were pissed off and I had to even drive to tim hortons to get the eldery ppl food. It was very nice inside (decor) but thats about all I was impressed with,

    The 2nd wedding was BETTER. They paid alot more money tho and went all out. Food was decent that wedding but there were 2 other weddings and it was really annoying.
  • Everything you said is why I chose not to go there...
    During the speeches at my friends wedding there we could hear the music next door blaring and it was even heard on her wedding video.

    However, it is a good price.

    If you are looking for the Carmens experience try Lakeland which is on the lake in Hamilton.
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