Maximum Music DJ

I am thinking of hiring maxumum dj. Good but limited reviews. 
I booked them for my university formal bakck 8 years ago and liked them, but it was a while ago.

Anyone heard of them? Can anyone offer advice?

TY in adance.

Re: Maximum Music DJ

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    I booked them for my wedding coming up in the spring. The were really nice to work with so far. They were actually on the preferred supplier list for my venue (liberty grand), so hopefully that's a good sign!
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    Gammaykella: good to know, thanks for replying.
    I also really liked their customer service, but thats still no reflection of the big day. I think Im just worrying for no reason, but I think I should be as I hired a DJ for my engagement party and he was terrible.
    Who is your DJ? Im working with Brent.
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