Hotel accomodations for wedding guest

Hello everyone,

Quick question - when you are reserving or blocking hotel rooms for out of town guests, do you look for hotels close to the reception location or do you look for hotel close in to where you live so guest are close to you? Not sure what is the right way to proceed with this.


Re: Hotel accomodations for wedding guest

  • Usually close to the reception location.
  • Im booking mine closer to where my parents live (I live close to my parents as well).  I figure that out of town guests will only be at the wedding one evening and will be staying over 2-3 nights and would prefer to be closer to family
  • I think this will depend - does your family intend on spending time with your OOT guests for the one or two days?  If so, then yes, book close to your family.  If there isn't much time for them to spend with your parents because they're only there for the day, then make it closer to the reception. 

    If you can, try to book two different hotels with different price points.  I know some of my family tend to like higher end hotels while others would prefer a more cost effective hotel.  Hope that helps.
  • I like Jewel224's recommendation to do 2 hotels and have guests pick which they prefer
  • Thank you for the feedback

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