Hi all - 

Did everyone registery for gifts? or just asking for cash?

Also - if you did register, where stores did you register at?

Thanks Smile


  • Crate and Barrel. fantastic experience. 
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    We registered at The Bay since it is easily accessible (many locations), they do phone orders, and had everything we wanted.  Other common places are Home Outfitters, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Sears.

    Other than that, I ditto Jewel!
  • thanks everyone!!!
  • i've been thinking of doing the same, having a small many items is small enough...i was thinking like 10 items at each place...thoughts????
  • I registered at the Bay and Bed Bath and Beyond
    had my shower last weekend and a lot of people bought off of Bed Bath and Beyond and were REALLY happy with the service (the gift wrap was also really nice haha)
    Also, my stepmom ordered me some of my crystal glasses last Fri, they were shipped to my house (free) and I got them yesterday!
    happy registering!
  • Thanks for the tip!
  • we will be registering for our shower at the Bay. maybe william ashley for our china. haven't decided yet. :)
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    We registered at Home Outfitter and Kitchen Stuff Plus....I highly recommend Kitchen Stuff Plus.  They have a great selection and  a good range of prices depending on how much your guests want to spend.   I registered at Home Outfitters first and was actually a little disappointed with the lack selection they offered. 

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