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I think I prefer the look of flower(s) in my hair rather than a veil.  Our wedding is outdoors and a bit casual.  I have seen lots of great stuff on etsy but I'd rather see something in person than order it online.  Does anyone know a place in Toronto that sells stuff along this line?  The bridal store where I got my dress only has tiaras and veils.

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    What kind of flowers do you want in your hair? Have you looked at Michael's craft store? They have some pretty fun things, and they have a wedding aisle. There might be something you are looking for there.
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    Good question! I guess I don't know what I want exactly until I see some options.  Michael's sounds like a good starting point.  I want to go to my hair trial with some ideas to try.  Thanks for the suggestion.
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    I got my flower from Icings by Claires. It was only $9. I would also check other bridal shops if you don't mind their prices. I know other bridal shops I have been to have a display case of flowers, tiaras, brooches, etc.

    Check out all your options for sure.

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    A lot of the local vendors on Etsy have shops, or will meet with you to show you examples.  I'd try messaging a few of them - FI & I have both bought things for the wedding this way.
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