bulk flowers?

does anyone know of a place that does bulk flower orders? we're looking to diy our centrepieces, and looking to just order the flowers in bulk orders.

has anyone done this and/or able to provide any suggestions? not really sure where to begin looking for this one and anything i 'google' seems to be in the states with absurd shipping.


Re: bulk flowers?

  • I'm using Fifty Flowers. Even with the 30% duties it's still cheaper then anywhere else I've tried.
  • Try Also, the flower shops on Avenue & Davenport might be able to help you.  I've heard that you can order flowers through Costco or even the local Metro or Loblaw's flower shop.
  • I've heard the Costco flowers are good quality.

    They will even sell you pre-assembled things like boutonnieres and bouquets - you are restricted on the type of flower (I think they have to be roses) but you get a good deal.  The flower reps are there during certain hours only so check before you go.
  • I got a quote a few months ago from bunches direct to get the flowers i wanted for my bouquets. Because of the minimum number of stems in a bunch, it was only about $100 more to get them from a florist (assembled). Depends what you're looking for. I second the costco idea... I hear they are a great option for DIY.
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