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How much should I exect to pay for an officiant? Thanks in advance!
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Re: Recommend Officiant

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    It may depend on the type of officient. We have a non-denominational minister who told us his basic fee was $250. He charges more if he has to travel. We are inviting him and his wife to the wedding and will pay him an extra $100 because he is a family friend who needs the money (he is a chaplain for the local hospital, officiates weddings, and does night custodial work at his children's school). I am in Milton -not sure if prices vary by area.

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  • SNTJ2012SNTJ2012 member
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    Can you please pm me the minister's contact info?  We are looking for a minister.

  • ring_popring_pop member
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    I've seen Jeremy Citron do a few of my friends' weddings and he was wonderful.

    When I googled his name I found a few threads that had lists of other officiants in Toronto as well.

    I have no idea about price ranges as we used the pastor at our regular church, so all we were charged was the church fee. I would guess $200-$400?
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    Ours is at a church and his fee is $200.  That doesn't include use of the church, etc. it just covers the officiant.
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    We spoke to a number of officiants (who were all busy on our wedding day - we should have booked this earlier than we did!). Most non-denominational officiants were charging between $300-400. We ended up having to pay $400, and we didn't know him or particularly connect with him so we did not invite to our reception.
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    We paid $315, which included GST (at the moment, now I guess it's HST?). We loved him—if you need a recommendation PM me. :)
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