Money/In law issues

We would like some advice from the community.  I am currently living with my fiance in the basement of her parent's house. Her mother has been abusing her and her family since she was a child and has only now started to control herself since I have been here. Even though she isn't physical anymore she is still having an open affair and verbally abuses her family. I am making plans to buy a house for next May to get my fiance out of this environment but money is a huge factor in this. My fiance's mother is controling everything to do with our wedding and keeps adding additional guests and expensives that I can't afford while trying to buy a house.  I also cannot tell her mother about the house because she has gotten angry before at the idea of me "taking away" her daughter.  My fiance is 25 and I am 29 and as rediculas as this sounds neither of us are the type of person that can stand up to abusive people (we were both abused as children) and we're not sure how we can afford to pay for the wedding and the secret house at the same time.

I have already taken up a second job to help pay for things but my fiance cannot work as she is still in school and suffers from chronic back pain and psychophrenia.

I have opened up a page on just to see if anyone online will randomally help us but I could really use some advise on how to get myself out of the situation.

If it were just up to us we would have our wedding in the church with no reception or honeymoon while we save up for the house but her mother wont let us.

Thanks for any advise you can give.

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