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Hi Ladies,

So for the reception part we have a few speeches lined up at each course. So we have Best man/Maid of Honour/ Cousin of Groom/ Father of Groom/ Mother of Bride/ shortly after dinner then Bride and Groom speech (We will be going up at the same time to the podium).

So I know the head table gets serve the food first so I was thinking we would eat first then after the speeches we would go and visit each table and do a quick hello and take photos at 3 tables per course. We have 16 tables so we would do 5 tables at main entree and dessert. Is this possible to do? It's just a plan and i know we may not have time.

As well since we already have our planned speeches my fiance also wants to welcome any of the guests to go up and speak if they choose to during the dinner part. I just don't know how to make that work. I'm a little concern about just random people going up to speak as I personally don't want too many speeches and people just going on and on...

I don't think we can do visting the tables then what if people wanted to say something then we are at tables saying hello to guests...I think Ideally we should be sitting down while someone is talking. I find this idea weird but this is what my fiance knows or have seen at weddings he's been to. I just find this a bit disorganized. I don't really want to hear so many speeches and I don't think our guests would either. 

We have to give a timeline for the DJ company and I know they play background music so if people just randomly goes up and speaks...then he has to be watching the podium constantly and cut the music...


Re: Reception Speeches

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    you could incorporate people giving a toast or telling a short story about the 2 of you into your "kissing game" in lieu of clinking glasses.

    I personally am chosing to do a recieving line into the dining room rather than visit each table, because.... I want to eat.

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    We tried to get around to all the tables but I think we missed a few.  We caught people on the dance floor, grabbing a drink, and posing for photobooth pictures and did the best we could.  I would say you could maybe do 2 tables (depending on the people) between courses - EVERYONE wants to talk to you - it's hard to pull yourself away and move on.

    Do your best, and enjoy the night!  I think this is why many people do receiving lines, instead!  We didn't want to do that, and no one complained that we didn't see them.  Everyone understands that its a busy night!
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