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places to get pictures done

hey girls

I'm trying to brainstorm places to have the photos done the day of the wedding

I'm getting married in Brampton but I don't live there so don't really know places

I'm open to ideas anywhere around there including Toronto

Thanks :)

Re: places to get pictures done

  • If you're in Brampton, there's the greenhouse at Chingcousy Park.  I think the permit is $10 or so to have pics done there.  As well, if it's a nice day, consider downtown Brampton by the Rose Theatre for a little architecture.

    Is your reception in Brampton as well?
  • yea it is . my mom suggested chingcousy park as well

    i wanted to go to lakeshore .. my dad said "why... so you can gave geesepoop in the background?" lol and my mom said that it might be stressful trying to get down there and back but i wanted some old architecture with character and also like the toronto skyline

  • yes jewel224 is right, downtown brampton is a good idea or chingcousy park.  i wouldn't try to travel down to lakeshore in the middle of the day because depending on the timing between your ceremony and reception and if you include travel time to and from lakeshore it won't give a much time for picture taking.  keeping it in the area is probably a good idea.

  • naomikbnaomikb member
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    Travelling down to Lakeshore wouldn't be my first choice either.  Is there a local park/lake nearby that offers similar waterfront scenery but without the timesuck and traffic?  Our wedding day was tight enough for time, I think it would be really stressful to drive out of your way just for some pictures.

    If you really want skyline pictures then you could do them beforehand as e-pics or afterwards as a TTD session.  It would relieve some stress from the day for sure.

  • If you want lake photos - in Brampton - there's always Heart Lake.  In my old neighbourhood, I there are two man made lakes, if you really want waterfront photos.  There's also Grange Park in downtown Brampton.  What about one of the farms - Downey's?  You could get some of photos like that.  What venue are you at?  Would photos there be an option?
  • KewiiKewii member
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    I would probably try around Gage Park.  That way you could do some parkish, gazebo pics, but also do some fun more cityish stuff.

    Second choice would be Chingcousy.

    Third Choice would be Etobicoke Creek trail, closer to the rod that connects HWY 10 to Bartley Bull (towards Steeles).  It's got a nice bridge, some flowers, and a small creek.
  • McMichael Art Gallery in Kleinburg is where we are going! Not sure how far that is from Brampton...
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  • and kleingburg train station
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  • thanks ! im gunna write all these places down!
  • If you're willing to travel a little bit Unionville Main St is the absolute best spot in the GTA.

    There is a beautiful pond (toogood - google it!) and the mainstreet is so charming - it looks like a row of doll houses. It's a great little town, it was the inspiration for Gilmore Girls (if you've ever seen it) and most of the 1st season was actually filmed there.

    It's a few blocks east of 404/HWY 7 (between warden and kennedy).
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