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I'm wondering if anyone has any good places to get hair clips for my wedding hair?  I'm looking for something sparkly without feathers.  Any recommendations for websites or stores to visit that have a good variety to pick from?

Re: Hair Clips

  • Etsy

    hands down the best selection!
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  • I agree with Souptin about Etsy, but if you're not comfortable with buying online, go to Queen and Spadina and check out the bead/jewelery stores as well as the bridal accessory stores like Sussman's.  They have a ton of those there.
  • If you've got the funds and are okay buying without seeing it in your hands I ditto Etsy.

    I got some awesome jewellery at my bridal salon - they had a few local jewellers who made handmade stuff and sold it out of there.  It was pricey but really pretty.

    If you're looking to spend less you can also find a ton of stuff at Ardene, Claire's, and The Bay.
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