Ordering dress online?

Has anyone ordered a dress online from the states? I have tried some on and found what I like but it is outside my budget and I have found it online for 70% less. Is it legit? Has anyone ordered from the states? Which websites were used? Thanks so much!

Re: Ordering dress online?

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    if it's 70% off it might be from China.
    I know 3 people who have ordered dresses (not wedding dresses, but bridesmaids and formal dresses) from Store of dress and light in the box and all 3 were happy with their online purchases.
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    I would be VERY cautious about this. I know you think you might be saving money, but I've heard absolute horror stories about ordering wedding dresses online, and especially from places that say they're at that big of a discount.

    Usually, it ends up being a knock-off of the dress you are actually looking at (not by the real designer at all), and is more often than not, cheaply made and not at all what you thought you would be getting.

    Please do a LOT of research before considering this. You would do better off going to trunk-sales at bridal salons, renting a dress or even Davids Bridal. They may not have the absolute highest quality of wedding gowns, but it will most likely be better than what you can find online, and they start around $100 for certain styles.

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    You may want to check out - there are dresses sold there as well as designers who will custom make a dress for around the same price or less than what the designer boutiques sell them for.

    I've heard both good and bad for ordering online - but I really think it depends on the site.  I, too, have heard good things about Light in the Box and their return/exchange policy is very good.

    ETA: As another PP said, check out trunk sales, but also see - dresses there are designer, some new due to donations from boutiques/designers, some gently used from previous brides, but prices run from around $300-$1250 max.  There's also Elizabeth Stuart Discount Bridal in Mississauga as wel.
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    I have a friend who ordered a dress online (don't know the site). She submitted her measurements and not only did the dress arrive late (1-2 days before her wedding) but the sizing was all wrong (the dress arrived bigger than her size). Fotunately, she knew a seamstress who was kind enough to work all night on her dress.

    As PP has mentioned, do your research!
  • I actually ordered my dress online (from China) and was quite pleased with the fit.  But it was also a corset back which helped to ensure it would be tight in all the right places.  The hem was a bit short but there was plenty of extra room so my mom was able to lower it a bit. 
    All in all I was quite pleased with the result at a fraction of the price. 
  • I order lots of dresses online.  They will make it to your measurements, but YOU have to take proper measurements. 

    The only diasters I have seen is where the person ordering took the wrong measurements.  The dress came perfectly made to the measurements that were sent, but they were done incorrectly. 

    I usually take the dress to my tailor for small adjustments - but that's it.  The same thing you do when you buy off the rack.  Nothing major. 
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