Let's talk fun... Bachelorette Parties!

Just curious about my fellow GTA brides and your bachelorette parites.

1.  What is your theme?
2. Where are you going / what are you planning on doing?

Re: Let's talk fun... Bachelorette Parties!

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    My girls broke my bachelorette party down into 3 sections:
    1st part of the night was appetizers and welcome (at my friends house)
    2nd part was pole dancing at flirty girl fitness! Never saw that coming and it was one of the best times I have ever had!!
    3rd part was dinner, games and lingerie fashion show (at my friends house)

    I had a blast! The theme was pink and black. My girls dressed me in a feather boa, tiara and veil!
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    I had mine in Aug but thought I'd share since it was amazing!  My girls planned a day/night in Niagara Falls.  We went to Angel's Gate winery on the way, stopped for a tour and some samplings ;)  Then we went to Niagara Falls to continue the party!  My girls found this great package offering from one of the hotels so we got an awesome suite with lots of bed space and a common space for hanging out, included a dinner voucher and entrance to Peppermints (I had never been to a strip club and the girls wouldn't let me get married without crossing that off the list!)  The packages are very flexible, you can take or leave what you want and it was pretty affordable (that's what the girls said, no one told me anything!)  They did dress me up, I had a crown and a penis wand that I had to carry around all night, we had penis whistles (I know not everyone's into this stuff but my MOH used to work at a sex store, so I was pretty sure this was coming, and we all had a lot of laughs about it all!)   Overall, AMAZING bparty with the ladies!

    Here is the package info:
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    I have no idea what my girls are planning, but I know they are doing something big.

    My FSIL (MOH) and SIL (Bridesmaid) have been talking about it already. I'm not getting married until September 2012. They haven't told me anything that they've discussed, just that they're in contact lol

    I know it's going to be crazy though. I have quite a large bridal party - 7 girls in all, and FI family is massive. I know the guest list is going to be pretty big. Right now, I'm thinking 30+ lol. 

    So, I have no idea of theme or anything, but I know that it's being planned, and that it's probably going to be an overnight thing -- maybe bar hopping/dinner/dancing with a stay at a hotel (for those who want too).
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    1. We didn't really have a theme.

    2. A few of us went to a winery in Niagara in the afternoon - toured the vineyard, did a tasting, had lunch in the fields.   Then a few more people joined us at my MOH's house, BBQed dinner, played ridiculous raunchy games, had some mixology lessons, and went out dancing at a bar.
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