Le Jardin or Paramount? Help pls! :)

Hi everyone!

I"m currently planning my wedding and we're stuck between the two venues (listed above). Has anyone ever been and can comment on the food, service, etc? Thanks!!

Re: Le Jardin or Paramount? Help pls! :)

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    I just booked at Le Jardin.

    I know of one other wedding there and two proms. Everyone loved the food and they were satisfied with the service as well. The wedding was several years back I believe but the proms were recent.

    They let me pay for a tasting dinner before I signed the contract which a lot of places won't allow. The food and service was amazing. (there were other couples who had signed their contracts and they were treated equlally well) The servers and bar staff were great.

    Their prices are really fair and they will negotiate to make a package to suit you. I ended up with everything I wanted and paying less than I would have if I went elswhere.

    I was about to book elswhere (had the appt already set) when I found them and I am so glad I did.

    I am planning an off-season wedding so maybe that also makes a difference.

    Even now that the contract is signed the people are still helpful and will respond to questions really quickly. (never longer than 24-48hours for the most part...even though this is their high season) Even a cab driver I had loved this place.

    The only down side was I don't like gold too much and they do decorate with to much for me. The rest is perfect.

    I would say maybe you could also have a tasting so you can see for yourself. (they don't charge much and you still get another when you do sign)

    EDIT I haven't been to the other place mentioned so I don't have an opinion.  Maybe make a list of everything you MUST have and how much you want to spend and after the halls present you with their costs see which matches best, or present what you want and what you want to pay and see if one will try to make it work.

    Also, maybe a tasting at both places, it would cost money but you could actually taste before you decide.

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    I have been to Paramount for three weddings. The food is great, so is the service. 
    The only comment I have, and this is very much a personal thing, is that each hall is too big! Even at a wedding with 350 guests, I felt like we were at a concert :). Like I said, its a personal thing.

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    I find that the food is better at Le Jardin, yes the decor is very strong and in your face, i was worried that the gold and burgundy would clash with my colours, but i walked in on a saturday afternoon to see how other weddings were set up and it was a great relief to see it worked out well and looked nice and the gold wasnt too much in your face. If you go to Le Jardin ask for Martina, she was great.

    However we did not end up booking at Le Jardin, we're going to D'aviinci b/c i'm just in love with thier food, also i recommend the Terrace.

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