Retailer Diamonds or Custom Wholesale??

Hi everyone!

My bf and I have been doing some serious research on diamond engagement rings so he can get an idea of how much to start saving for. We don't really care if my perfect ring cost $500 or $5000; obviously the cheaper the better.

He's really into his diamond research, the 4 C's, and since looking into well known retailer locations, such as Peoples, Ben Moss, Birks etc, we've found, in our opinion, that they seem a little over priced for the quality of stones used. Most sites even state that retailers use avg/low colour and low clarity diamonds. For example most rings are being sold in 14K with stones in the HI colour range (not too bad) and I1 clarity (eek). LOL. 

We've been doing some research into online wholesalers and independent companies, and have priced better settings and diamonds for the same price bracket in 18k and sometimes platinum but I'd really like to make it easier to buy from a local retailer and I'd like conflict-free and possibly Canadian diamonds.

I would love to find a retailer that I could easily walk into and know the ring I pick up is good quality. Has anyone had any luck with retailers that meet these criteria and that have a site with all the diamond info available? Possibly a retailer that offers custom made to order or tweaking of standard rings that aren't way over priced?

Any links or referrals would be awesome! Thanks in advance!

Re: Retailer Diamonds or Custom Wholesale??

  • Check out Fair Trade Jewellery Co.  They sell fair traded metals and diamonds I believe. 

    As one of the jewellers told me, most newly engaged couples tend to buy a cheaper diamond due to costs and upgrade it at a later time. Most want a larger diamond versus a better quality diamond.  If cost is an issue, this is your best bet.  To the naked eye, most people won't notice a difference.  But if you want a conflict free diamond, expect to pay a lot more, wholesale or not.
  • I used Randor Jewelers in Mississauga.  They specialize in speciality stones that you wouldn't find at Peoples and they have good prices too.  
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    I used Todd Williams at Howard Williams:

    My H gave him a budget and criteria for diamonds, he got the diamonds and showed them to my H, my H got to see all the paperwork and look at them in person and then picked the one for my center stone.  He also got to specify that he wanted a Canadian diamond (which are conflict-free).  The paperwork that comes with it tells you what mine it's from etc.

    His work costs a bit more than Peoples but as you said you get a better diamond, more information, and more customization -- a unique ring.

  • I appreciate everyone's input. I will definitely pass on the info and look into these! Thanks!! :D
  • I would recommend the Finch Centre Jewelers at Hwy 7 and Weston. We've been very happy with our purchase from them :)
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