Won something from the bridal show?

Hey ladies,
Just wondering if any of you that attended the Bridal show in January won something from Table Charm. Should I bother to check it out, or is this a scam?

Any help would be great!

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Re: Won something from the bridal show?

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    I have had so many of those places call me, and i believe they are all scams.  especially when you get those calls they you won a free honeymoon.  not true!

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    I didn't go to that one but Table Charm hits up all the Ontario bridal shows. It's a scam - they probably told you that you won a "free honeymoon." In reality it's a free hotel stay for 3 nights (that has a LOT of extra fees - so there's nothing free about it). And to get the vouchers you have to sit through a long and super-high pressure sales pitch.
  • Don't waste your time-its a total scam plus the products they are trying to sell are super expensive and there's a million catches to the "free" trip they offer you. Skip it. 
  • I went to Table Charm and you have to sit through a 90 minute presentation before you get offered a trip.  The big trip is a cruise if you purchase a certain number of products (which are very expensive) but they do offer you a trip for attending the presentation.  You have the option of North America or Carribean (specific places that they chose). My fiance at the time and I chose a 4 day to the Dominican Republic but soon gave it back because when we actually went online to the resort they recommended and checked out the reviews, the place received very poor reviews.

    The idea is to get you to purchase their items; impulse buying.

  • I got a call a couple days ago saying I won some bridal package but I have to call back.. seems like a scam.. its always nice to win something though.. too bad its a scam! lol
  • Thanks ladies. I looked up some reviews online and it did say that you DO get the trip but its mainly a scam. They offer a 3night stay somewhere OR 2 wedding bands, which are not my style so i'm not missing much lol
    I wont waste my 90 minutes there. Thanks.!
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    Hi Michellea86. I got the same call. yes they do tell you you won a free trip but how else are they going to grab your attention in this world full of scammers and skeptic people due to scammers. they told me it was not a timeshare and i decided what the heck, i will go check it out. it actually turned out to be a very good presentation on their cookware, flatware and dinnerware. in no way are you pressured to buy anything or even have to buy anything and the presenter made it clear from the start.

    for attending you do get your choice of rings (tungsten or titanium) or a trip (accomodation only) so yes the trip true. The company is quite big and has been around for over 20 years. they are actually the ones who provide the plates for those carnival games at the CNE and the PNE!

    the difference between them and other companies is that they don't spend hundreds of thousands on tv commercials and flyers.

    i really liked the pots and pans and decided to get them along with another couple in my presentation group. two other couples did not buy and that was perfectly fine. yes the cookware is not cheap but the warrenty is amazing and i can put it on my registry so essentially my dear guests will be buying it for me and any money above and over the cost of the cookware comes back to me in cash that i can use to buy our own wedding gifts in lieu of registering at 50 different places since one, two or even 3 stores may not have all that i want. For getting the cookware, i also got a 5 night carnival cruise to the bahamas and turks and caicos that i will be using as my honeymoon.

    in conclusion, it's not a scam, no time share, they just want to show people alternate cookware than teflon coated or whatever else is out there on the shelves in wal-mart or the bay.

    believe me, i'm a skeptic and try to avoid scams and this is not one of them
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    My fiance and i went.. it does look like good cookware but it is very expensive, and the woman doing it was super pushy!

    We didn't buy anything when we went the price seemed alot for cookware and secondly the cruises they wanted to give us all departed from the states somewhere my FI cannot go LOL

    But they did give us a stay in Niagra that can only be used during the week, not weekends AND cannot be used around any holiday.
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  • Hi - I got the same call regarding a FREE 3 day trip to mexico and a 5 night Alaskan cruise. Yet - it was a scam.

    They wanted $900 for taxes - which I didn't mind at first. But - they then went to tell me it had to paid by credit card, and that I could NOT come to a location to pay in person with cash.

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    I and husband had gone to Toronto Bridal Show and we had a lot of fun there. There were a lot of couples passing by the vendor booths, some trying the wedding dresses and others purchasing bouquets and accessories. I was amazed by seeing the cake designs and tried a sample. It was so delicious and we bought one. It was the best show ever! 

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