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Off the bat:  on a budget, and also not one to usually wear a dress, so I am kinda flying blind.

I don't want to wear white for my wedding; I'm looking for something pale indigo/periwinkle in colour.  But specifically, I am looking for a dress like this, sans huge bow (best pic I've got, sorry):

I need the sleeves - a shrug isn't suited to me and strapless is not an option for me.  I want something close to this SO...

Where on earth do I look in Toronto?  I've already ravaged online bridesmaid catalogues, cannot find anyone who knocks this off yet... I'm about to start searching.  I'm planning on checking out Fashion Crimes and Peach Beserk as launch points, but where else might I find such a dress in a plus size?  Any tips, strategies, anything?

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