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Any good/bad IPL experiences treating melasma?

I had my 3rd IPL a week ago and while the treatments have lifted some of the damage, unfortunately my melasma is worse around my eyes now :( I should have stopped after the first treatment. I noticed it was darker after the 2nd and mentioned it to the owner of the medspa who was doing the treatment, but she dismissed it. After she had finished, she happily told me I'd be able to fit in 2 more sessions before the wedding (Sept 29)...

I've only NOW done internet research and many reputable sources are saying to STAY AWAY from ipl for melasma.

I worry about the Obaji system and lightening creams, too. Many of them use Hydroquinone, which is actually BANNED in Europe (super toxic and can lead to disease). We will be TTC shortly after the wedding and I don't want this stuff in my system.

I'm totally bummed out and am kicking myself for trusting this stupid medspa. I had gone to a super high-end dermatology clinic (charged a $100 consultation fee) last year and their rec was a series of lightening facials at $250 a pop. Probably because she was a DOCTOR who knew that IPL could very well make my melasma worse :(

Other sources suggest microdermabrasion and peels to help lift the dark spots. I will go this route.

So ladies, make sure you do your research before messing with your skin!!!

Re: Any good/bad IPL experiences treating melasma?

  • What is IPL? I'm doing microabrasion at Hockley Valley Spa. Gonna research it now. Thank you and hopefully your skin heals by your wedding day. Maybe you should just let it heal and don't do anything for now.
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