cost of dry cleaning gown?

can you ladies share with me how much your dry cleaning cost for your gown? i bought a dress off a friend and need to get it cleaned before i wear it. just wondering what i'm looking at. i know it depends greatly on the complexity of the dress (no cleaners will give me a rate, even with pictures) i'm just trying to see what vicinity i'm in. my dress is fairly simple.. no lace/beading/train.


Re: cost of dry cleaning gown?

  • Someone previously posted on here that it would be around $400.  I'm a little surprised your friend didn't already have it cleaned for you as well as the fact that some cleaners wouldn't give you a price.
  • She didn't get it cleaned after she wore it and gave me a good price on the basis that I need to get it cleaned.

    The cleaners all told me the price was quite variable depending on the complexity of the dress is why they wouldn't give me a price, and that they sendit off site and the place they send it too determines the price.
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    I have been quoted $250- $400.... both cost more than the alterations on my dress!! 4 months later, It's still hanging in my closet....
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  • The place my friend bought the dress can send it out for $190.. not too bad. Still cheaper than the dress would have initially cost so I'm ok with it :) 

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