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I was wondering if anybody has been to or had a wedding ceremony at Edwards Garden (a Toronto Park). I wanted to know whether they were flexible in the permits and the number attending the ceremony. I really would like to have the ceremony there, however, the permit would be for 100 people maximum and I have about 50 people more! Is there any way around that or does anybody know of similar ceremony sites?

Re: Edwards Garden Wedding Ceremony

  • I am considering doing my wedding pictures there, and have been there apart of other BPs for pics, I have never seen an actual ceremony however, there are usually more than one BP there taking pics - and the public, I don't know if I would chance seeing another bride when completing my ceremony! However, I am not sure of where the ceremony placement is and if it is secluded!
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    Try the Japanese Cultural Centre - they have banquet hall space as well as a garden that you can do photos there.

    Also, may be the Brick Works?
  • my sisters wedding ceremony was there and im not sure what the permit permits when it comes to how many people...its a beautiful location..but not to private...there were people around in the park...the permit is just so somoe else won't take your spot..they don't close taht area off....however it was beautiful..she picked the area by the fountain....also great for many places there to take photos..hope taht helps
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