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Has anyone used Red Rose for their wedding? I haven't picked a venue yet but Red Rose is in my top 3.  I have emailed them two weeks ago and then a week ago (follow up) asking about 20 questions asking if they serve certain food, type of alcohol they serve, rental fees, hours, and just very general questions that can be answered without any research on their behalf.  The other two halls responded to me within hours.  I called Red Rose today and asked that someone get back to me and they said they will call me tomorrow as they have been very busy.  My worry is that if I book with them, I might not get the cooperation or quick response time that I am looking for (I expect emails to be responded to within 2-3 days which I think is realistic).  I prefer to do most of my communication via email so it is in writting and there won't be a case of 'he said, she said'.  Can anyone comment on their experience with this hall? 

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    I would be wary of any venue that is not prompt with a response.  Most venues, as I recall, responded to me within a day.  That said, I have not heard anything about this venue, so I can't comment on what they are usually like.
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    We had visited Red Rose as it was in our top 5. We really liked the hall and the menu and it was a strong contender. Their response time compared to the place that we did decide to go with (Pavilion Royale) was good (I think Pavilion's customer service is excellent). Red Rose responded to us within 1-2 days (we mostly dealt with Rui); Pavilion responded to us within the day. Just like yourself, there were times where I would be emailing the sales rep multiple of questions throughout the day as I wanted everything documented and she would always get back to me right away.

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    Like PP said I would be super wary of any venue that doesn't respond quickly. Unless you know someone that had their wedding there so you can get the inside scoop on their customer service. My sister had her wedding at Pearl at Harbourfront and the food and service was great. She got a really nice private room which was all windows with a great view of the water and she was able to bring in her own alcohol which saved a lot of money. Though she mentioned the food at Pearl was a bit more expensive then average.
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