Ellas Banquet Hall

Planning on getting married next year September and paid Ellas a visit as a possible venue for ceremony and Reception.

I was wondering if anyone has any feedback on Ellas?? ..i'm getting a bit discouraged with the venue shopping as our budget is on the low side so I feel like theres nothing out there for us but really want something nice.. Hopefully you 'll have some feed back on Ellas or may even be able to direct me to another venue that's just as reasonable.

We are looking to stay in the Scarborough/Ajax area

Thanks a bunch

Re: Ellas Banquet Hall

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    I'm actually doing my ceremony and reception at Ellas. 

    It hasn't, obv, happened yet but the lead up has been great. My parents are divorced, so we have unconventional viewing/paying needs and everyone at Ellas was great. They've never said "no" to something I asked for. 

    A girlfriend of mine actually had her reception there as well. She highly recommended them. All in all, for the price, I don't think you can beat them.
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    My FI and I had issues with pricing for venues too so we ended up getting a wedding planner just to help us with getting a venue and negotiating for pricing - everything else my FI and I, and likely my BP, will be doing a lot of DIY'ing. But so far, the same venues that were quoting me $120 per head are now quoting me anywhere between $75 to $90 per head and that's before the negotiations have begun.  We have one more venue to check out before we make our final decision. 

    I definitely recommend getting a planner - they usually  have a lot of inside info as well - like which venue make likely not be here in the upcoming year, what their kitchen is like and of course, inside pricing.  It's well worth it!  If you want info on our planner, check out Leena at Let's Party Consultants.
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