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hello to my fellow canadian brides!  just wondering if anyone knows if you are suppose to open gifts during the bridal shower or should you just thank everyone and open them at home. i'm having around 90 peolple at the bridal shower.  please let me know what you think.  thanks!


  • I opened gifts this past Sunday at my bridal shower. My guests were excited to see what I was given.
  • LittlinLittlin member
    Unlike other parties, the purpose of a shower is to give gifts, so you should definitely open them in front of your guests.
  • yes I definitely agree. Spanish culture always opens.  Canadians it all depends. but I definitely want to see what you got.  Its so exciting...unless there ALOT then I would rather skip out early.
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  • naomikbnaomikb member
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    Yep, definitely open them. 

    Make sure you have a bridesmaid or someone keep a detailed list of who gave you what!  It will be really important later when writing TY cards since there's no way you will remember them all.

  • Just had my showe this past weekend and i didn't open gifts. We ended up skipping it becasue i didn't wan to do it. i opened up gifts when i got home...most were envelopes...i think i got about 4 wrapped gifts
  • Mine last weekend was 80% a moneyshower, so i didnt open the gifts.  His mom wanted me to open the cards and gifts, but I didnt feel right opening the cards infront of people.  Not that I would show how much money i got from each person, but still didnt feel it was right.
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  • Jewel224Jewel224 member
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    I'm of the opinion that you open your gifts at the shower.  That's what it's for but I totally understand where posters would feel awkward opening them up in front of people, especially if they were more envelopes than anything else.  Do what you feel is right.
  • Since the point is to shower you with gifts, I would open them up.

    I had 50 people at my shower and what I did was opened gifts over the course of the event individually with each person and displayed them on a table. Kept people from getting bored watching me open them up and gave me some really nice one on one time with each of the guests.
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  • I've been to showers where the bridal party opened the gifts as guests came in. We also did this for my SIL's shower a few weeks ago. This way the gifts are displayed and the Bride can still mingle and chat with the guests. It takes the lengthy gift opening portion of the shower to a minimum. People like to see what was receives! Just make sure you have a chart or write the gifts on the back of the card given so the bride and groom know who gave what for their TY's.
  • Hi Ladies, please don't yell at me for this, but I hate watching the bride to be open gifts.  You sit there watching her open them for like an hour or more(depending on how many ppl attend)! Its really boring. Sorry just my personal opinion.  I suggest that if you do open gifts have other activities going on at the same time as some guests may get bored watching kitchen items being opened.  I like the suggestion that StephaieBow made.  
  • thanks for the advice ladies! 
  • RowenaDRowenaD member
    Also part of the opening the gifts someone in the bridal party usually makes a hat/veil for the bride, it's kind of fun opening the gifts. I always like to see what the bride gets.
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