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making my own wedding cupcakes....possible??

Hi everyone!!

I have been looking at the prices of wedding cupcakes and i am floored at some of them. having a wedding "cake" is not really a priority on my list. it would be nice to have one to stick to that tradition but i'm not losing sleep over it. i was looking to spend no more than $200 on it and i was thinking of making it with my sister-in-law-to-be.

i have been You Tubing the best way to go about it (making it the day before, 2 days before and freezing it. how to freeze it for freshness etc). i am inviting 160 people and making 170 (10 in case of accidents)

do you guys think that it is possible to make 170 basic chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with simple but elegant icing, a small round cake on top for cutting and buying a cup cake tower all for $200 (maybe $s50 at MAX)

do you think that i am crazy for trying to make my own wedding cupcakes? i just don't feel like spending $2.00 or more per cupcake as i would if i went to a baker.

any advice or suggestions are appreciated.


Re: making my own wedding cupcakes....possible??

  • It is completely doable - but you have to think if 2-3 days before your wedding you will have the time do dedicate (4-5hours) to make that many cupcakes. As the week before your wedding is super hectic.
  • It is completely doable - but you have to think if 2-3 days before your wedding you will have the time do dedicate (4-5hours) to make that many cupcakes. As the week before your wedding is super hectic.
  • It's doable...but you really have to have nothing else on your list to do the week of the wedding.  My week of the wedding was spent greeting and spending time with my out of town guests, meetings with the venue, our DJ, our photographer, spending time with my bridesmaids and the wedding rehearsal. And forget the day of your wedding - you're too busy with hair and makeup and all the stuff do anything else. 

    Seriously. And the last thing you want is to have to remember to defrost the cupcakes and decorate them.  And if this is the first time you're making them, it'll take you longer than you think.  I would spend the extra money and have someone else take care of this.  Also, I don't think you'll be able to do all that for $250.  The cupcake stand alone is at least $75-$100 not to mention that you'll need cupcake pans, liners, etc.  And what happens if they don't turn out the way you want?

    The other thing you want to think about: is your cake/cupcake the only dessert your guests will be having?  Or will there be a sweet table at your venue?  If there is a sweet table, you'll fine, but if it is the only dessert your guests will be having, you should give estimate about 2 cupcakes per person.  Does that make sense?
  • Whats your location? Grimsby area bakery Icing Fever is reasonable. Her minis are 13 s dozen and her small round start at 40. I chose to do mini cupcakes because of our menu comes with dessert plus were having a candy bar.
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  • You could order chocolate and vanilla cupcakes from superstore. If you get white icing, they can soray them to be whatever colour you like. I believe its 8/dozen. They were delicious at my son's first birthday and looked awesome. My first wedding cake came from there in 2003 and it was a simple small 2 tier..so you could probably get them to do a round for you to cut that would be nice..and well under 200. If you want to make them more elegant you could make cupcake toppers in your theme or wrappers from scrapbook paper..tjere are lots of templates online.
  • thanks for all the ideas and suggestions. the superstore one is definitely a consideration.
    my wedding will be in oshawa

    i think i might be siding on not baking the cupcakes myself as i don't know how busy i will be and i also have a traditional west african wedding that i need to do sometime that week
  • Also consider Costco too, Hipannie...I know they make cupcakes as well.
  • hi everyone! just to keep you updated, i think i decided that i am going to get a grocery store to make custom cupcakes. it's perfect because the cupcakes will probably be inexpensive and since im not concerned about the wedding cake compared to other aspects of the wedding, it fits the bill.
  • Good choice! You will be glad you chose this option later :) You want to relax a little, get your mani-pedi, run over any last minute details you need, not have a huge task of baking and icing a large amount of cupcakes, thinking about how to pack them properly for transport. 
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    What is your venue?

    A lot of venues dont allow vendors to serve food without insurance in the case that anything goes wrong and they get sued. You may want to check with your venue and make sure they allow people without the insurance to prepare and serve food. If you really wanted to you could look into getting the insurance but I am not sure how much it would cost.

    Check with your venue and determine what their policy is. Both our wedding planner and our venue don't work with any vendors without any liability insurance in the sake of an accident.

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  • With most venues, the only outside food they will allow is the wedding cake and sometimes, desserts.  Other than that, they won't allow anything else.
  • Winnertag1Winnertag1 member
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    Jewel - I know most venues make an exception to the no outside food rule for cake, but some venues still want whomever is making the cake to be insured, just to protect themself towards any sort of liability that can ensue. =)

    ETA - If the venue allows it, I think it is very much doable. As long as you dont have a lot of other last minute wedding things you need to work on, I dont think it should be a problem. 

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    Hi hipannie!

    I think it's a great idea to make your own cupcakes - I'm making my own wedding cake! That said, I've taken courses in cake decoration. Not sure how comforatable you're with cake decoration, but if you feel like you need some guidiance I highly recommend that you take one as well! Then you get the "tricks of the trade" and you can get those cupcakes you dreamed about. In terms of equipments, my favourite place in Toronto for all those things are McCall's bakers warehouse. You need to pay $25 to become a member, but it's so worth it / bakers heaven! Good Luck!
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