TK ate my post - what do you consider a local "treat"?

I'm considering doing OOT/welcome bags for guests staying at hotels. Other then maple syrup or maple candy I can't think of any kind of snack food that would be considered a local treat. Should I just do favourite things of FI and I instead?

Re: TK ate my post - what do you consider a local "treat"?

  • What about Tim cards for like $5.00 and anything else local that your fi and you like
  • Tim cards are a good idea, along with a list of a few local ones so they can grab a coffee or snack.

    Dill pickle chips, ketchup chips, Smarties... poutine??  :)
  • I also find putting different candy bars they they might not get are awesome too. Also a list of your fave spots to eat so they know where's good
  • short bread ur a baker comes in handy to nibble on., nuts..packages of tissues
  • mars bars!  and twix.

    And if you really want "local", throw in some Caramilk bars (or even other Cadbury treats), since the Cadbury chocolate factory on Gladstone is apparently the only place where Cadbury Caramilk bars are made.
  • Love OOT bags. If you want some high end stuff, how about Soma chocolates from Soma chocolatier in Distillery District, maybe a few macaroons from Bobette & Belle (you can get them at the Bay at Eaton Centre, bottom floor), but it's hard to keep macaroons fresh. 
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