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Hello all......

FI surprised me this weekend with the thought that he has some vacation to burn and would like to come your way for a visit next week.  We will spend one night in Alexandria Bay (at our cottage), then a night in Kingston, and then 3 nights in Toronto.  Can you provide feedback on some nice hotels?  (waterview, $150-$250 per night), places to eat?  places to go for cocktails?  and last but not least, we would love to take in a show.  Okay, ready, set go....sorry to be asking last minute but he totally took me off guard.  Any and all feedback will be appreciated!  Thanks in advance.

Re: Traveling to your fine city!

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    I can't really help you with Toronto, but I can definitely help you out with Kingston!

    I highly recommend the Best Western Fireside Inn on Princess Street. It isn't downtown (you'd need a car), but it's one of the best. There are many other hotels on the water, but my family prefers the Best Western.

    I love Kingston restaurants. Here are some of my favourites:


    Wooden Heads: I have friends who schedule trips to Montreal/Ottawa so they can go here for gourmet pizza. Make a reservation, you'll need it for sure. I highly recommend the caesar salad to share. ~$12 for an entree 

    Grizzly Grill: Great prime rib and Sunday brunch. If you're a meat eater, it's the place to be. But the portebello mushroom pizza is also amazing. ~15-20/person for an entree

    Greco's: Greek food. My supervisor swears that it's better than the food in Greece. Get the flaming cheese!


    The Kingston Brewing Company: A microbrewery with great food. Make sure to try the ghetto sauce. If you like beer, this is a great place.

    Copper Penny: Standard family restaurant. Great fries, french onion soup, and pasta. ~$12-15/entree

    The Works Burger: The same chain as in Ottawa. It just opened. If you're in a rush, don't go here. ~$12-15/entree

    Lone Star: Yeah, it's a chain, but the Kingston one is 100X better than the ones in the GTA.


    Pan Chancho: This is the bakery of the "most popular" restaurant in Kingston, Chez Piggy (which I don't recommend). The olive rosemary sourdough bread is amazing.

    Morrison's: It's a greasy spoon, but the lineups are out the door on weekends. I love their French toast.

    Ethnic: Most will probably be closed next week.

    Golden Viet Thai on Wellington
    Little Saigon on Princess


    Sips: Yummy drinks and cake. It's next to Market Square.

    Coffee and Company: At King and Princess, the best hot chocolate in Kingston.

    Cooke's: On Brock, just north of King, it's the oldest "grocery store" in Kingston. Now it's a fine foods and gifts type of shop. I like their coffee so much I can drink it black.

    I can't really help you out for cocktails (I'm more of a food person), but Grizzly Grill has a bar that my friends like. I do NOT recommend Tango anymore. It was my favourite cocktail and appetizers place, but now it's a huge rip-off. Now I go to Lone Star.
  • I don't live in TO so I have a hard time recommending restaurants/hotels but for shows I highly suggest the National Ballet of Canada. They're doing the Nutrcaker right now until the end of December.

    You could also check out whats playing at any of the following theaters;

    Princess of Whales
    Ed Mirvish
    Royal Alexandria.
  • I live downtown Toronto and there is so much I love about the city, but you'll need to say a little more about what kind of atmosphere and cuisine you like. What is your age range? I am 31 so like the king st west area. I live on Queen st and there is some nice places here too. 
    PM me a little more info about your likes and Ill give you some suggestions. 
  • You guys totally rock. 

    KHLH   YGPM!
  • If you're looking for a downtown hotel, I can recommend the Strathcona in Toronto. I recently stayed there with my FI when he was attending a conference. Walking distance to the Eaton Centre and most of the theatres. It's right at Union station, which is great for getting anywhere in the city.

    The only downside is that they had very tiny rooms and the entire washroom filled with steam when I showered. But the location was great!
  • I would recommend going to Canoe Restaurant. It's part of Oliver & Bonicini Restaurants and it has a spectacular view of the city! It's in the TD tower on the 54th floor - breathtaking if you can get a seat by the window.
  • The Westin Harbour Castle is on the waterfront and it's a great hotel. (in your range) The rooms are nice and the staff has been good when I have been there. It is close to most things but not in the centre, obviously as it's overlooking the water.

    Places like the Sheraton Centre and The Delta Chelsea are nice but I haven't been there recently. They are better located if you plan on walking most places, cuts maybe 10 minutes off your walk. The Sheraton Centre is also connected to The Path...underground pathway filled with stores and connects a lot of the buildings in the core. (maps online)

    The Royal York is supposed to be fancy and elegant but I find it overpriced. (and most rooms aren't very big)

  • For food - let me know what kind of cuisine you like and your price ranges and I can make a few recommendations - I'm a total foodie! 

    For hotels - the ones mentioned are great - if you're more ecletic and are the more artsy type - there's the Gladstone Hotel, or the Drake hotel.  They're not by the water, but are considered more boutique. 
  • Pantages is a cool and very nice hotel!
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