Not getting REPLY for our wedding

our wedding is in june 17th and i've only gotten back about 10% of our responses. i sent out save the date magnets a year ago and we sent out invites 2 months ago with reponses being sent back by april 15th.

am i stressing for getting concerned!

Re: Not getting REPLY for our wedding

  • My wedding is in 4 weeks and Im still waiting for peoples. We dont have to give the final numbers until 2 weeks before the wedding but Ive been tracking down people this week.

    Just give a quick phone call to everyone :)
  • Hi, I'm an event planner working out of Toronto and would love to help you make your day perfect! My company is still small and I've kept it that way so that I can concentrate and and give my attention to a minimal number of brides I was a bride that was ignored. I only do one wedding per month so no chance of double booking on your day. If you are interested you can drop me a line at I look forward to speaking with you, Shein
  • At the end of all your planning, you will look back and think that you stressed for nothing. But the guestlist is definitly worth some extra thought. You should be or should have already secured your decor specialist and they need a count from you. You also need to know the count for your cake person and sometimes hotel blocking and maybe even babysitters for people coming from out of town. I don't think there is anything wrong with giving your guests a call and with gentle nudging get them to send in their responses or maybe you can get verbal confirmations. Good luck with the rest of your planning, BeyBj
  • Once it gets closer, I would definitley suggest calling each person who has not RSVP'd. You can't assume one way or the other. Good luck!
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