Plus Size Boutiques?

Hi there!

You ladies were so much help for finding plus-size bras, I'm having another go.  Does anyone know of any clothing boutiques in Toronto that carry plus-size dresses?  Besides AdditionElle and the chains - I mean independant boutiques, or stores that are off the beaten path a little. 

I'd like to find a fun party dress for my RH, but most clothes stores in Toronto just don't seem to carry my size.  It's at the point where I just feel like crying whenever I go shopping.  I mean, I'm heavy, but it's not like I'm the size of an elephant :)

Any help would be appreciated!

Re: Plus Size Boutiques?

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    Have you tried Maximum woman? ( They are a little on the pricy side but they have a great selection of dresses. I bought a dress that I just love for a friends wedding last year and it was a great shopping experience. The staff were really friendly and helpful and I felt totally comfortable trying on 20 dresses till I found the right one. They even have a few wedding dresses.
    Also the Bay dowtown has an amazing plus size section, again mostly high end brands but you may be able to score a good deal.
    A few more I can think of:

    Hope that helps :)
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    Have you thought of hiring a seamstress? Some of them can be pretty fairly priced and this way you can get exactly what you are looking for without having to go around to a whole bunch of stores.

    I'm not sure what kind of sizes you are looking for, but a friend of mine who is plus size has found some decent dresses at H&M and the Bay, and they were pretty nice. (I know these are "chain" stores but I thought I would throw them out there anyway!)

    Good luck!
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    Awesome - thank you guys!!
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    If your not opposed to cross boarder for dresses look at fashion bugs websit, they won't ship to canada, but you can order and pick up at the store if you are concerned they won;t have your size of what you want. For dressy dresses look at Davids bridal, they have gowns, bridesmaid dreses and special occassion dresses.
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