has anyone ever negotiated cost with a wedding venue?

... more specifically catering limits and or room rental fees? 

I have a venue in mind that i love, but there is a $10,000 catering limit included and a room rental fee of over $3,000. unfortunately the lady that i have dealt with so far is not great at answering emails, she seems to hate her job, so i may back out based on this fact alone. but if i could get what i want for a great price i may be willing to stay! how have you dealt with these set price limits and add ons? has anyone been able to talk their vendor out of it?

Thanks for all your help!

Re: has anyone ever negotiated cost with a wedding venue?

  • We have negotiated with every one of our vendors, but FI and I do not pay listed price on any large purchase, you just need to really let them know that they will have to work with you price wise if they want your business. Our venue we got for cheaper than what the sales consultant said she could do, as well got premium bar, seat covers, charger plates, chocolate fountain to name some of the things we got thrown in. Prices are always negotiable.  
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  • It usually works better if you can find another venue that is offering you the same/more for less money.
    Tell them specific things that another venue can offer you for less money (try to avoid giving the vendor name, to protect the other vendor, but if our original venue is demanding to know, go ahead and tell them.) and explain that based on their interactions, lack of communication, etc., you are no longer feeling confident with them as your venue, ESPECIALLY considering how much they are charging and thus you are putting up a lot of money for this.
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  • Also, I've heard vendors are usually more willing to throw in extras, rather than drop their price.
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  • I concur with PPs - if you can find out who and what their competitor is offering, they will often throw in things as opposed to price.  But if you do a comparison w/ another venue, you really have to make sure you're comparing apples to apples. 

    I did find though, that some venues wouldn't budge which is why I hired a wedding planner to help with acquiring a venue.  The same venues went from $120/plate to $90 or less, taxes & gratuity included.  Just another thought to keep in mind. :)
  • Yes it's easier to negotiate throw-ins, and it's easier if your wedding is off-season, on a Friday or Sunday type thing, or otherwise is a large group so they can make up the difference by volume.

    We got our plate cost down without a planner, and got chair covers, chocolate fountain, and meal upgrade (dual entree) thrown in! You have to be comfortable doing this negotiation though, it's not for everyone. 
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