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hi ladies,

my FI and i have decided to go with edible favours (chocolate, candy apples, chocolate covered pretzels, personalized cookies etc) for our november wedding. however, after finding vendors online, i've been getting quotes that start at around $3 and go up to $10. unfortunately, this is above our budget. when i finally found personalized chocolate bars quoted at $1.75 a piece, i discovered it was because they are 3cm by 9cm-- way too small. can anyone recommend a vendor? i do enjoy baking but am afraid of committing to a large edible project that will be time consuming before the wedding. any suggestions would be appreciated.

Re: edible and affordable favours!

  • Don't forget the cost of packaging favours. E.g. celophane bags, ribbons, or boxes.

    I got quotes for macarons for between $2.75-$3.75 including all packaging. Some places also offered 10% off because it's an out of season wedding, or no tax.

    I would call some local places in Toronto to get quotes and ask about any out-of-season promotions.
  • We bought lindor truffles from Costco - 2 x2 kg boxes for $40 total, plus I'll be picking up packaging from Michaels in order to assemble things. Total cost will be under $60 for 80ish favours, and all can be packaged in advance. I was intending on baking our favourite cookies, but my mom saw the chocolates and picked them up.
  • great ideas, thanks!

  • Also, try the Lindt Outlet - there's one in Mississauga and one in Etobicoke.  I bought a bunch of the Lindt Hearts for about $40.  That's enough for 2 per person.  Also, if you're having your wedding after Halloween, you can get tons of chocolates for 50% off or more.
  • We did Lindt chocolate truffles, you can get them for cheap from the factory outlet locations!

    You can also make your own jams/jellies/cookies, but that's a lot of work depending on the # of guests. I wanted to do this but realized it was just not possible given how much I'd be taking on just before the wedding!
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