new from richmond hill ontario canada!

hi everyone,
first time on the forum just thought i'd introduse myself:

we got engaged in fall of 09 and FINALLY set a date...well sort of. Has anyone had any experience having destination wedding during march break? any thoughts on that? We are deciding between Jamaica and the Mayan Riviera.

Any tips? So far the hardest part was to set the date...hence us waiting 2.5 yrs. everyone seems to have an opinion on the matter and its been tough.

Its nice to have a place to vent and get ideas :)
congrats to all!

Re: new from richmond hill ontario canada!

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    Congrats and welcome!!

    I've been the the Mayan Riviera during March Break - very hot but water is very cold!  It is beautiful!  I have not been to Jamaica myself but people rave about it.  I would say if its just an adult destination wedding, ensure to go to an adults only resort, otherwise there may be a LOT of kids around.  I'm a teacher and always use this rule when I go away, no matter when!  If you do have kids, then you probably won't mind anyway!

    Glad you have a timeline set - March 2012, correct?
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    My cousin is doing a March Break destination wedding (in the next two weeks!), that I'm attending, but most of the family is not.

    It was quite expensive for us, and this is our only trip for the year now, so we aren't particularly thrilled about that.

    If you think that your friends and family can afford it, then I think it could work, but in my experience, there was a lot of angry family because it's not in our general price point for a vacation.  It's in fact double what my fiance and I regulary pay for a week long at an all-inclusive, and most of our family just can't afford trips period, so attending the wedding was out of the question.

    The March Break timing is not so great - if you read reviews on trip advisor, this is the time when all the complaints start, since the resorts get crowded (in fact, it's a problem in general for mid-winter, not just March Break).  As the resorts get crowded, it's more difficult to get beach chairs / pool spots / food, etc, so that's all something to consider.

    If you do go ahead with it, give your guests LOTS of advance notice.  We were notified at the end of July and had 30 days to book to secure the group booking.  At one point in October, it was $100 cheaper to have bought the tickets through Sunwing over the travel agent, but there was no money refundable on the tickets, and the prices went back up.  The other thing to consider is that March Break sells out faster than other dates, so you want people to have secured their spot on the plane several months before the wedding.

    August is honestly half the price, with fewer people there, and the staff actually have the time to provide better service.

    My experience is with Cuba (the cheapest of all! lol), but these tips coincide with other places as well.

    Good luck with whatever you decide - remember that you cannot please everyone with what you choose to do, so aim to do something that you want to do, and compromise a little, but don't compromise on everything to the point where it's no longer what you wanted.

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