how to plan a wedding

it's me again. so after going online on and other sites, i have reached the conclusion that i don't know how to plan a wedding. it becomes harder with the fact that i am planning a wedding in a province i do not live in and doing it without family help.
i was thinking of getting a wedding planner but now how do i choose one? there are TONS. on that note, how to do find all of them? other weddings i went to never used one.

I was hoping i could get a planner who will know what type of venue i like and can find one plus can help me find a decorator, cake maker etc.. i just need a carbon copy of myself in the province of my wedding to plan it.

i am very overwhelmed with all of the potential venues and the ones that i don't know of. it is even harder since i am basing the venue off of pictures only and cannot see what it really looks like in person.

what can i do to be less stressed and to have my wedding planned properly?

as well, is $3500 too much to spend on a full package planner for a wedding costing $25 000 with 120 people?

Re: how to plan a wedding

  • That price might just be fair since your not here to plan the wedding..that person will have to do alot of work for you to plan everything...i've never really checked out prices for having someone just there for the day of the wedding..cause im planning everything myself...

    so you have a good frind or family member that can help with a few things...i can even help research stuff if you want..maybe even suggest things that i've done
  • The wedding planner I chose gave me a few different options, which is why I loved her so much - she gave me the choice of just basic assistance with obtaining a venue, partial planning and full wedding planning.  But the great thing about her was that I could customize the packages to what I needed. Again - definitely check her out - Leena from Let's Party Consultants:

    She'll also be able to recommend any other vendors for you as well (decorator, etc.)  Let her know that Clarissa sent you.

    For cakes, my cake maker is awesome!  She does all our family events - baptism, birthdays, etc.  Check out Fabulous pricing as well.  I know she delivers, I just don't know how far she'll go as she's located within the GTA.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to message me or contact me on this board.
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