Wedding Venues around Kitchener/Guelph

We are looking for a wedding venue in the Kitchener/Guelph area for July of 2012.  If anyone has any suggestions or reviews it would be greatly appreciated!! :)

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    what type of venue are you looking for? Banquet hall? A place with character? Historic building? We got married in Guelph.  The Guelph/KW area has some awesome venues. Let me know what you are looking for and I can give you some suggestions.
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    Yes, there are some great venues in Kitchener and Guelph depending on what you're looking for and the size of your wedding.  We got married this past June at Verses in Kitchener.  It's a gorgeous old church that's been converted into a fine dining restaurant but still looks and feels like an old church.  We had the ceremony and then reception there and it was just amazing!!  They only allow 100 guests maximum though.  I can give you the link if needed.

    -the Grey Silo golf course is awesome... is Whistle Bear and the Cuttin club
    -for something more casusal, Victoria Park has a pavilion you can rent out which is really pretty and in a gorgeous setting
    -the Chicapee Ski Club is a great place for a more casual affair.. you can get married by the pond or on the deck then have a plated meal... or even a bbq!
    -then there's always the banquet halls:  Walper hotel, St. George's Banquet Hall,  Waterloo Inn...

    84image 73image 11image Wedding date: June 11, 2011 :)
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     Here's my suggestions:
    The Tannery (Kitchener)-very cool space-its a converted factory
    Hauser Hall 
    Cambridge Mill
    Nith Ridge Estates (Ayr)
    Cutten Club (Guelph)
     Ashgrove Farm (Guelph)

    We had our reception at the Alton Mill (40 mins from Guelph) The Millcroft Inn is beautiful and located very close to this venue.

    hope this helps
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