Flowers seem to cost more than promised. Is this good?

I am asking a florist to do the labour for me for my wedding while I am supplying all the flowers. The florist had asked for $250 to do the work but we talked and she figured a new amount based on adding bouquets and corsages.

She will make:

Bride's bouquet

4 Bridesmaids hand tied

1 Jr. Bridesmaid hand tied

2 Flowergirls hand tied

12 Boutonnieres

3 Corsages

10 Centrepieces (I supply everything including the container, she puts them together)

She will now charge $475 including tax. She needed the flowers earlier than we thought so we will receive the flowers unprocessed and she has raised the price by $52

Total $527 for flowers.  It just doesn't seem right to me so I am asking for opinions. I have almost no time left so there's not much to be done except possibly do the centrepieces myself. I am not having hard to make bouquets or any fancy centrepiece.

If you are supplying all flowers is $527 ok for labour. (IT's a February wedding, not near Valentine's day, she is NOT busy right now as she has told me.)

Re: Flowers seem to cost more than promised. Is this good?

  • Is this TK messing with posts today?  They're all invisible.
  • If you're doubting her abilities I would trust your gut and not use her. For comparison we had a similar package in terms of number of pieces as you and paid about $1100 before tax including flowers and labour and $5 vases. But I don't know how much of her fee was the actual flowers.
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