Hi all!

Im thinking about getting a string duo (cello + violin) at my wedding but am not from the area. I have time to come listen but really have nowhere to start as I live out of the country right now. Any good reccomendations? 

Re: strings

  • I can't say that I know anyone - however, check out this site: - choose Toronto, and I believe they have some deals on musicians in the area.  That may give you an idea.
  • Check out Moods Music in Toronto.  They have a list of reliable wedding musicians who they can call on for you.  Here's a link to get a quote:
  • We are using someone that I went to school with years ago. She studied (and graduated) from music program at U of T and she will be playing along with 2 other muscicians.
    Her pricing is great ($150 per person) as some of the quotes I got from other people was well over that amount plus you had to pay a hefty travel cost for them.
    If you are interested - email me at [email protected] and I will let you know!
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