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I love this idea but is there a cheaper way?  I did some very quick searches and it seems as though they start at $1200!  Yikes.  That is definitely not in the budget. 

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    Have you chosen a photographer?  We're going with Renaissance Studios ( and they offer a "party booth" for $500.  It's $800 if you don't book photography through them.

    It's not a traditional photo booth, it's more of an area where guests can take pictures with props, good lighting and a good camera, so you don't get the immediate prints.  You do get a DVD with all of the hi-res pictures on it.  More info is at

    We're still not sure if that is going to be in the budget, but if it isn't we're thinking of setting up our own photo booth.  We have an older digital camera we could use along with a backdrop and fun props.  My only concern with a DIY photobooth is lighting.

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    I know that some people buy a whole bunch of disposable cameras, but I have also heard that either they don't get used, or guests take really dumb pictures, or they don't charge the flash and then the pics don't turn out. Some people say it is a good way to get different perspectives of your wedding, other people think it's a colossal waste of money, but I just thought I would throw it out there and let you decide!
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    We're having our photographer set up a special area at the reception, for about an hour, to do individual/couple/group photos for anyone who is interested.  Everything will be put into an online album.  We'll have it all to look at later on, and each guest can have prints made of anything they want.

    Props will even be included to make it more fun!
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    Were using a company called shutter bug Booth... if you get the smallest package it comes in under $1000.00.  not sure how much u want to spend tho. 
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