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Wedding Favours

Hi Ladies,

Starting to look into the ideas of wedding favours, would like some ideas of what other brides are doing for their favours. Please share your ideas. I was thinking a wine stopper, but still looking for other ideas


Re: Wedding Favours

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    We gave fortune cookies the total cost for 250 was less than $300 for the plain cookies  - If I recall correctly (this includes a set up fee).  The cost will depend on which fortune cookie you decide to go with - naturally.

    The cookies are made to order and are very good quality

  • SNTJ2012SNTJ2012 member
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    I am pretty sure we are going to do photo coasters as well.
  • Jewel224Jewel224 member
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    I want to do something edible like cake pops or candy or something.  But I haven't quite figured it out yet.  I'm wondering if anyone else is doing something edible as well?
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    we did personalized Jones soda's, we had appr 160 guests, but made abt 180 bottles, we had one guest try and sneak off w 4 bottles, I was so happy I didn't even care!
  • unplainjaneunplainjane member
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    i got wine stoppers once and they ended up sitting in my drawer unused till i threw them out a year later. i've never received a photo or custom coaster but sorry i would throw that out too. and i wouldn't use coasters with my own picture on them much less someone elses. i'm not saying that to be mean but a lot of people are particular about what they use in their home. i think the only home type favor i've kept and used were a nice pair of chopsticks i got once.

    if you want to avoid having tons of favors left on the tables do something easily edible. everyone will take them. for something inexpensive my brother bought a bunch of little cute gold bags with drawstrings and put a couple of lindt chocolates in it. it looked really pretty and everyone took their favors or ate them there. we did french macarons from nadege but they are on the pricey side. we were having a small wedding so it worked okay with our budget. we're glad that everyone took them or ate them there. i say easily edible because i had a friend that made homemade hot sauce and chutney and packed them nicely in little mason jars but they had tons left on the table. i love the jones soda idea.
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    We're buying a few boxes of Lindor chocolate truffles (mixed variety) from Costco - I think it's like 2 KG of truffles in each box for $20?  My boss bought them last year at Christmas, and there were ALOT in the box.  We'll also buy treat boxes either online or from Michaels or something, and we will divide up the chocolate so everyone gets three or so truffles.  We're aiming to spend around $50 for the two boxes of chocolates and whatever we use to wrap them.

    The truffles are in stock now, so my mom is aiming to pick them up within the next few weeks.

    I still might supplement that with baking, since I really wanted to make our favourite cookies and package those for people, but I keep getting pushback from family on that one.
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    We are looking at doing something edible too. We are having a big wedding and don't want out favors to cost too much. 

    Our other idea was a charity donation but I have gotten mixed reviews from that...
  • LittlinLittlin member
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    We did plain white bistro mugs, filled with personalized hot chocolate/coffee/tea, and Hershey's kisses - they were a hit!  All my friends still use their mugs to date!
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    My FI and I are definitely doing something edible, we just haven't pinned down exactly what yet.

    We both love salsa, and know a lot of our family and friends love salsa, so we were thinking of canning home made salsa. We'd put it in a nice jar wrapped with raffia (or something similar) with the recipie attached.

    We both love to cook, and I think something home made will make it more personal and save quite a bit of money in the process.

    Plus we get the "hard task" of taste testing a bunch of different recpies to see which one works best.. it's a hard job, but someone's got to do it... lol

    If the salsa idea fails, we may just do an apple butter or some sort of jelly... or maybe mini apple pies!

    ...This is why we haven't decided yet.. too many ideas I think our guests would love lol.
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    a girl at work did caramel covered apples like you see at the fair. I ate it the next day.
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    also for my enagement party I got sugar cookies with our monogram on them. That's another idea.
  • achiduckachiduck member
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    Edible favours are always the best. As much as I love my friends and family, the candle with their name and date on it went in the garbage about a week after the wedding. 

    We're doing a candy buffet with the Chinese takeout style boxes for our guests to bring home their candy.
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    Edible is the way to go!

    We are known in our circle of friends for our homemade turtles (chocolate, caramel, pecans). We usually make them around Christmas time and they always get requested when we go to parties/pot lucks. It's a lot of work making caramel from scratch but it's fairly inexpensive to make.

    We will be making them for our wedding (100ish ppl) as it's something personal, edible and best of all, won't break the bank! Plus we already know people will love them!

    This idea also works for chocolate bark, chocolate covered marshmallows, etc. I highly recommend going this route. PM me if you'd like more info, recipes or instructions.
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    Thanks everyone for the feedback, I guess edible is the way to go !
  • lisafalon84lisafalon84 member
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    We are doing the personalized m&m's, I went to a wedding and recieved these and just loved them, you can put them in your wedding colours and even put your pics on them, if you wish!, I may also make cookies :)
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