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Hey Ladies,

I LOVE the idea of photobooths but I don't want to spend over $1000.00 on the photobooth.  I also heard that you could create a backdrop and print off pictures but I want everyone to just enjoy themselves and I'd rather not have a friend/family member have to do this for us.  Does anyone know of a company that can do this for us OR does anyone know of an inexpensive photobooth company?  Thanks!

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    I did the backdrop way.  We rented the frame, camera, tripod, and light from Vistek for $240.  It is really easy to set up (they won't do it themselves, you just pick it up and drop it off after the weekend is over), but we had 2 family friends set it up in less than 20 minutes before we started the reception.  We bought fabric from Fabricland for about $50, and we are using it now to make a table cloth for Christmas (it is white with gold stars), as well as some pillow covers.  We also bought a ton of props from the Dollar store for people to use, but only spent $25.  Best idea - little chalkboards to write messages to the B & G!

    My only suggestion - make sure they drape the fabric the right way and that the camera is close.  It started off great, but one of the guests moved the camera back and you can see the edges of the backdrop in the pictures.  Everyone LOVED it, so it didn't really matter, but I notice it in the pictures.  If you want to see pictures, check out my married blog at the bottom of the page:

    We had our photographer load the memory card onto the laptop she brought at the end of the night, and she burned a few DVDs of pictures for our parents and us right away - there were over 400!

    Hope that heps!
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    Hey! we are using soapbox photobooths. I have found them very helpful and their prices are half of everyone elses.
    I hope this helps.
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    I'm using Flashpoint Photography but I ended up getting a Groupon for it so, I lucked out.  It was only $600 for the $1300 package
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    What about a DIY ribbon wall for your photobooth? Check this out for the
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