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I think this is an etiquette question and I will post this in that section too but I wanted to see what you ladies had to say.

We want to list on our invites that both of our parents are inviting the guests to our wedding. My mom has passed away, do I list her on the invite as well and if so is it something like this: “along with the late ____ ____”? My Dad is remarried so I will be listing his and my stepmothers name already, do I put the “along with...” after my Dad and Stepmothers name? Do I even my Moms name at all?

I will check out the other boards for answers but any advice would be great.

 Thank you

Re: Invite wording question

  • Alright I think I should have just checked the etiquette board first. Almost everyone says you "can't" include a deceased persons name on the invite. I am really ok with it; she will be remembered in other ways that day I just wanted to see what others thought. And I am not sure how to remove a post so I guess this can be left up for further discussion.

  • I was going to say that etiquette-wise, you can't list a deceased person b/c and I'm not sure how to put this without sounding a little crude, but a deceased person can't really host anything when they're not alive.  And since a wedding is about the celebration of a marriage, it's almost a little depressing to mention her on the invitation. 

    As I'm sure the etiquette board so politely offered your their advice, you are already honoring her during the day and I'm sure she'll be on your mind and in your heart. :)
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