Rehearsal Dinners

The rehearsal dinner is killing me!  I have no idea what I'm looking for.  It's harder because I don't live in Brampton anymore (and can't get there to look at places).  Our house is also not big enough to have it at home.

Where did/are you ladies having your rehearsals?  What were you looking for when checking things out?

Any suggestions for places in Brampton?


Re: Rehearsal Dinners

  • I had mine at Green Papaya at Yonge and Eglinton. It has a $15 prix fix dinner menu, so with drinks it came to about $20/person. We had 18 people, so they gave us most of the front of the restaurant. 

    We had so much fun, we were there until after they closed!
  • Does it have to be in Brampton?  I know a few restaurants in TO that have a prix fixe menu.  In Brampton - there's Rapini  (steeles & Hurontario (hwy10)).  What about Moxie's by Bramalea City Centre?  Or Turtle Jack's.  What about a chinese buffet?  There's also some nice Vietnamese places.  Not sure if you're into Asian cuisine.  Let me know what you think and I can pop off some more places.
  • How about the Mandarin? They have the head office location in Brampton with all the theme rooms. I love the "fish" room with all the aquariums. My family drives all the way to Brampton from downtown Toronto just to go to that location for birthdays, Easter, etc. My supervisor also makes us stop there for lunch when we go meetings in Waterloo.
  • how about terrace on the green?
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