Photo Stress

Can anyone give me an idea of what the going rate is for a good artistic photographer?
The quotes we've been given seem awfully high ($3,000 to $4,000) That doesn't include engagement photos.

We found a great photographer and love their work, but have a bit of sticker shock at the moment.

Please share your experiences.

Re: Photo Stress

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    There seems to be a lot of variation in prices for photographers.  We looked at a few and the chepeast was $3000.  That being said, a lot of the girls on here seem to have found some amazing deals so they definitely are out there.  I think the key is probably just to shop around.  Also, most vendors seem pretty willing to negotiate so if you let them know how much you're willing to pay they may be willing to work with you to create a package that works with your budget.

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    I can understand your dilemma. I am having the same issue. The girls on here have been Your best bet is to shop around or go to a photography school and see if you like any of the student's work. They may give you a great deal and you can help someone build their portfolio. I wanted my uncle to enjoy the wedding but because of costs I may have to end up asking him. Hope that helps.
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    There are decent photographers in the $1,500+ range, but they may not be as "artistic" in that they won't spend as much time post-processing. This was perfect for us as we didn't want super artsy, stylized photos; we just wanted a fresh take on the day.

    Generally, I can tell you that you DO get what you pay for. Highly skilled photographers command that price because they CAN.

    I know it's not bridal show time right now, but I found that the photographers who exhibited at the bridal shows were generally cheaper. If you look at the bridal show websites and read through the exhibitor lists, you'll find the names of the companies. If you're really crunched for money, some of them can be a great option, BUT be aware that many (not all) of them are far less creative than the $3,000+ ones.
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    We were super thrilled with our photographer - we went with an all-digital package, and certainly under $2000 for 2 photographers and 8 hours of coverage. I can't say how "creative" or not, but they were amazing to work with and definitely pros.

    It sounds like you know what you want though, and I agree that you can negotiate. It's also a good way to find out how the photographer responds to your requests and if this is someone you want around you on your wedding day.
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    I was in the same boat last year, looking for a fine art photographer.
    I found that almost all of them were $3000-6000.

    I did meet with a girl named Melanie - she used to work for mimmo+naz (which I'm assuming shoots in a style you like) and started her own company with another photographer. They were reasonably priced, so maybe check them out? I don't know what their price is now, but last spring it was under $3000.
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    Not sure if this may help, but here is a list of some up and coming photographers throughout the City.  Try contacting them and see what their pricing is like.  Good luck!
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    I got lucky by searching on kijiji. I found a photographer that was looking for models to do engagement photos, so instead of getting paid for those we got a digital copy of the photos. Since they are just starting out, we booked them for 6 hours for our wedding for only $650, including digital prints and processing.

    Check out the up and comers and just show them what you like so they have an idea what you want.

    Good luck!
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    We just picked our photographer at less than 2k, but, it was hard to find! I looked at the websites and/or talked to close to 30 in order to find someone with the style we liked in our price range. I was also concerned that many websites feature the work of several photographers, so making sure the photos we liked were taken by the photographer we were going to get was important too. Bridal shows are a great place to start, or photographers recommended by your ceremony or reception location. Just keep searching and negotiate lots when you find someone you like - getting an engagement session thrown in for free is usually one of the easier negotiating points.
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    wewent to Empire photography and they were minimum $1200 - I liked him a lot and he did my friends wedding... but we ended up going with a family friend.
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    Thanks for all the suggestions. I'll look into the Up and Coming photgs. We might get lucky.
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