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Narrowing down venues (photos?) - GraydonHall/MillerLash/SuttonPlace etc

I've been trying to narrow down some venues before going in to see them myself but I'm having trouble finding photos of specific rooms or the premises online.  I found some reviews on some locations but I always seem to be missing from info.

- Graydon Hall Manor
- Miller Lash House (looking for photos of indoor reception)
- The Royal Ambassador in Caledon (looking for photos of The Conservatory)
- Sutton Place Hotel Stop 33 (looking for photos and reviews)
- The Great Hall (I can find NO info on this location...)
- Crystal Fountain (any smaller rooms? more photos?)

Have you ever been to any weddings at the above venues?
What was your experience (rate out of 10)?
If you had a wedding there, what was the price per person?
Do they allow outside catering (ethnic)?
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Re: Narrowing down venues (photos?) - GraydonHall/MillerLash/SuttonPlace etc

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    You can find photos from weddings at all of these venues here. Go to the bottom and click on the venue name, then scroll down and you'll find links to weddings at that venue.

    I went to a company party at The Great Hall. It's a cool venue. Nice spaces for cocktail hour and the main event (though the cocktail hour rooms were a little crowded for 200+ guests). The food was pretty good. It was a buffet; perhaps they could do better for a wedding. When I looked into this venue for our wedding, I found out that they have an exclusive catering partner, and they didn't seem very open to outside catering. But it's worth asking again, especially if you want specific ethnic foods.

    I feel like I've been to Crystal Fountain before, but I don't remember why, or how I felt about the place. Clearly it was not that memorable, haha.
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    Hi there
    The Great Hall is the first venue I went to see.  It is a super cool venue and the manager is great; totally understood our needs.  I really liked it but for 3 reasons:

    1. In the room we would be getting married in, you could see the Starbucks sign from the street (tacky) but I think they have since put up drapes.

    2. I did not want my guests to pay for parking (this is not avoidable in most downtown locations but is my personal choice and would work fine for others)

    3.  I was not too sure about the neighbourhood at night.

    The sutton place is very beautiful and was also my top pic.  Unfortunately, it was a bit out of my budget but so gorgeous.

    I have been to a wedding at the Crytal Fountain.  From what I hear the price is definitely right.  They cut ppl great deals.  But it all depends on taste.  For me, I don't like banquet halls, period.  It would not be my choice.  Saying that, however, the food was good (standard wedding fare) and the room had nice chandeliers if you like that stuff and again, the price from my understanding was amazing.

    When I made my decision it came down to price, location and overall feel of the wedding.  Good luck I am sure you will pick a venue that is perfect for you
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    Royal Ambassador is my top pic. Good Food and Fantastic View.
    Graydon Hall is very pricey... 175.00- per person and up !

    I will tell you that if you are searching for Venue's now might be the right time to find a Wedding Planner, mine saved me quite a bit of money negotiating my Venue.

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