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where is a good place to preorder bulk flowers? We are DIYing our flowers and can go to the markets close to us to get flowers for filler but I wanted to order a bunch of specific ones I want such as roses and hydrangeas.

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    You can try Kay and Young or any of the other flower places at Avenue and Daveport. we had a lot of luck with them for other events and their pricing is very competitive
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    Thanks! I just called Kay and young, and growers market in that area. Their prices seem quite reasonable. I also called plant world which is where we often shop for plants and I was shocked at their pricing. They quoted me $4.99 per stem for roses whereas the shops at avenue and davenport quoted me around $1.40 a stem (they said the price would depend on the colour I want). I told them that $4.99 a stem sounded like a lot to me and she pretended not to hear me at first and then said they work with high end growers and that i can go to Costco cause they have buying power if I want something cheaper.
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    Costco is good for roses. My brother's GF used to do wedding flowers and she'd usually order rosese from there.

    Kay & Young is cheap yes, but order like 25% extra. The stuff they have in store is great, but I ordered from them for my wedding and also another wedding I helped out with, and the stuff that came in from the order (particularly hydrangeas) didn't seem quite as good.Some stems seemed smaller, damaged etc.
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    All my flowers were from Kay & Young and they were beautiful, fresh and competitively priced. Try to go on a weekday to place an order though—on the weekends they are so busy they won't be able to give you 100% of their attention.

    Also, their flower orders come in on specific days of the week, so depending on when you pick the flowers up, you may be getting a fresh batch or a batch that is a couple of days old. We made sure to plan our flowers around their delivery schedule, so that all the flowers we used were brand new arrivals.
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    I got my roses from Costco in Markham. The selection from Costa is kinda limited, but I am not very picky on the flowers. I am fine with a simply rose bouquet. There's usually a lady working in the floral section on weekdays. Simply preorder your flower with her minimum 3 weeks in advance. And I got the ribbon, wire and floral tape from this online store. don't have much selection but the prices are pretty good and I arranged an pickup in downtown to save on the shipping.
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