schedule for the big day?

Hi ladies,

I'm getting married in 24 days (SQUEEE) and just working on the schedule for the big day ... and now drawing a blank as to when we should do first dance, father-daughter and mom-son dances... there's been some discussion with doing right at the beginning of the night so we have everyone's attention, but I'd really rather prefer to come in, get everyone seated and then do speeches peppered throughout the evening during meals, we will speak at dessert, everyone grab a drink and maybe then do our dance ... sigh - Is there a formal schedule that we should be following - i.e. mom + dad speak during salad, best man + maid of honour during dessert ... can't seem to find anything helpful online ... maybe everyone beats to their own drum and just does whatever they feel works best.

Thanks for your insight.


Re: schedule for the big day?

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