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DH and I were married just over a week ago.  Our wedding day was not perfect by any means, but it was still the most special wonderful day I could imagine.  Here are my vendor reviews, since I found other's reviews so helpful during the planning process.

This review has been edited as of 7/27/11 to reflect some clarifications upon further discussion with one of my vendors.

Make Up - Alexandra of Mobile Makeovers - C
Note:  I hired Mobile Makeovers for hair and make up for my entire wedding party.  I understood that the hairstylist, Karen, was part of Mobile Makeovers.  Since the wedding it's been brought to my attention that she has her own company and that Alexandra works with her.  Nevertheless because Alexandra is the one who arranged for her I do hold her responsible to a point.  This has lowered her rating here.
I had decided that I wanted airbursh make up for the wedding because I knew it would be hot and I have oily skin. I only looked at make up artists who offered airbrush make up for that reason. I specifically booked with them because Alexandra was willing to do airbrush make up for the same cost as regular. That is what I had for my trial and I loved it. She was aware that that was what I wanted. On the wedding day she showed up without her airbrush equipment and when I asked about it, said she preferred to do it by hand now. That wasn't her call to make and I was pretty upset about it. I didn't argue with her at that point because I felt it was too late and I didn't want to have a meltdown on my wedding day, but I do feel that she did not provide the service I contracted for. By the reception you couldn't tell I was wearing make up because it had all melted off and I was super-shiny. She also applied my girls' fake lashes directly onto their lashes instead of their lashlines. This meant that the lashes were coming off by the reception as well. (Also several girls lost lashes when they had to take them off at the end of the night.)  However, all of my girls looked absolutely gorgeous when their make up was first done and theirs held up much better than mine did over the course of the night. 

Hair - Karen of Beauty in Motion - D
Note:  I didn't hire Karen directly, but rather she came as someone who works with Mobile Makeovers.  I wasn't aware that she was not part of the company until after the wedding.
I am so, so lucky that one of my best friends is a hairdresser. I didn't ask her to do hair because I had 8 women and 3 girls who needed their hair done and that was just too much. I wanted her to enjoy her day as a guest. Alas, she ended up having to work quite a bit. One of my bridesmaids had her curls come out within about half an hour. My MOH also had her hair come loose before we left the house. My hair completely fell after the ceremony and had to be completely redone. Thank God I had my friend to redo it for me! As a result, though, I don't have the hairstyle I wanted in my formals. As well, she took several smoking breaks, including one where she chainsmoked.  One of my flower girls was freaking out about having her hair done. I was impressed when Karen managed to calm her down and she agreed to get her hair curled. I was completely unimpressed when she then she said "okay I'm going to go outside and have a cigarette and when I come back in five minutes we'll do your hair and you're going to be good." She tried this with a 3 year old! Obviously by the time she came back she was freaking out again. DO NOT RECOMMEND.

Photography - Dan Stefan Fotografie - A+

Dan is amazing and I couldn't have asked for a better photographer for my wedding day.  His laidback manner was exactly what I needed on such a stressful day.  I loved his attention to detail and how he took the time to pose everyone during formals.  If your hand was awkward or whatever, he'd tell you and fix it.  He's also EXTREMELY creative.  He showed me a couple of pictures on his camera throughout the day and they were all out of this world amazing.  He stayed later than he needed to, didn't rush us about anything, and was just an absolute pleasure to work with.  As well, he and his assistant gave rides to about half my WP when our limo broke down.  He is expensive, but much cheaper than other photographers in his talent class.  HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Ceremony Music - Grenville Pinto - A
Grenville is extremely talented and really added a special touch to our wedding ceremony.  He met with us before the wedding to go over our selections, where he was very open to what we wanted to do but still had a good idea of what kinds of choices would be appropriate where and how to make sure our musical choices were balanced.  On the wedding day, it all came together beautifully.  RECOMMEND!

DJ - Impact Entertainment (Mark Watson) - A-
I was very happy with Mark.  Our wedding music was pretty structured, but he played everything he was supposed to when he was supposed to, and was overall exactly the kind of fun, engaging DJ we were looking for.  He made our garter toss absolutely unforgettable when (with DH's permission) he had a bit of fun with him on the dance floor!  Our guests were all dying laughing and everyone really enjoyed him.  RECOMMEND.

Decor - G.P.S. Decor - A+
When I walked into our hall for the first time, I was absolutely enchanted.  Everything came together beautifully.  Kulpreet had a lot of ideas about how to do different things at our wedding, like our sweetheart table, and I'm so glad that we listened to her because they came out really, really beautiful.  She was great to work with and very fair throughout the whole process.  But it's the final product that really blew me away.  Even our charger plates were so much prettier than I expected!  RECOMMEND!

Venue - La Primavera - A+
I'm so, so happy that we booked with La Primavera.  We didn't get to eat a single warm bite of food all night and the food was STILL amazing!  Seriously, our food was delicious.  My guests have continued to rave about how delicious everything was, and how much of it there was!  I was fortunate enough to have the gardens area of the hall available to me and was able to do our formal pictures there.  Also, the hall has recently undergone a fair amount of renovating and upgrading.  It's so beautiful now!  And the new chivari chairs meant we didn't need to worry about chair covers!  RECOMMEND!
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