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Hey Ladies,

Just wondering if anyone else purchased their wedding gown at Mona Richie at 4040 Steeles in Toronto. I ordered mine on March 3rd but when I look at the reciept there is hardly any information on it. She took my measurements and thats all she wrote with 4105 (style of the dress) but she didnt write what size they ordered. Is this normal? Does anyone have any experience with this store?

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Re: Mona Richie

  • Hi I went to Mona and I still send my Brides to her. She is amazing with looking at you and fitting a dress to your shape and size. Worry not my friend, but if it's still on your mind give them a call, I bet they remember you.
  • I bought my dress from Mona Richie and they did an amazing job!

    Mona came up to me, gave me a dress to try on and said "trust me you will love it".  It was a mermaid dress and I originally did not want mermaid.  However, when I put on the dress, I knew it was "the one".

    The alterations were also great!  Everything turned out really well :)
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