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Has anyone had or been to a wedding at Liberty Grand in Toronto, Paramount in Vaughan or Columbus Event Centre?

Any feedback would be much appreciated! Just trying to narrow down the search :)


Re: Venue Review

  • I haven't been to weddings at any of those places but I did book Columbus Event Centre for my wedding :) Their off-season pricing is awesome!
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  • My cousin had her reception at the Paramount - it was nice.  The food was good...and it was a nice venue.  Didn't like their preferred DJ though.  Super cheesy.
  • My bestie was married at Liberty Grand last year and she loved it.  So did I.  They were good, but again she didn't like their Preffered DJ, so they brought in their own and they were amazing.  Liberty grand was also great about working with some of their obsure family/cultural traditions.

    I do not know much about the other 2 venues
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