When should I book my make-up trial?

hi ladies, just wondering, how early should I schedule my trial hair and make up? I'm getting married in September 2012 and not sure if its too early to start contacting people/businesses asking for quotes?

I've read on several sites that you should book asap as dates fill up.  However, I don't want to book someone until I get a trial done.

Re: When should I book my make-up trial?

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    I'm in the same boat as you! My girlfriend found it hard to find someone because she waited about 5 months before her wedding date so told me to make sure I find someone as early as possible.

    Any advice would be helpful :)
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    We had our trials for hair and makeup approx a month before my wedding (were booked a few months earlier than that).  I didn't want to have the trials too much earlier so that they'd remember what they did!  I did end up changing my mind with the hair and had a second hair trial but still had plenty of time for that.

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    It's the same as any of your services - you do want to book your vendors now, especially if they're well known in their perspective industries.  Better to make sure they're available now than found out later no one can do it. 

    You should interview MUA like everyone else - try basing them from referrals from friends and previous brides - so as to ensure you're on the same level and that you have chemistry together.  Book them for your day to ensure you have them, then book your trial about a month to a month and half away from the date so it gives you time to either have a secondary trial, if you weren't happy with the first one, or find someone else, in case you find that you didn't like their work at all.

    If you don't have any referrals, check out your nearest MAC counter - they usually freelance and can give you a free trial if you buy a product from them (at the counter, that is). 

    Also, do expect to pay for your make up and hair trials.  They're not free, unless the MUA states this.
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    i booked my trials a few months before the wedding. you're wedding is not till sep 2012? well it's pretty early but i suppose it doesn't hurt to book the appointments. check what their cancellation policies are. i had my trial 2 months before the wedding and booked the services for my wedding day as well. after the trial i wasn't that nuts about what they did but by that time it was too late to cancel because the policy of the salon was that cancellation for weddings need to be made 2 months in advance or i would have to pay in full so i was stuck. in the end i was able to work with the artists to make sure i was happy but in retrospect i would've booked a couple of trials with different people for 3-4 months before the wedding so i can see who i liked better. good luck.
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    thanks ladies! Do you usually have to pay a deposit upon booking? I have about 5 mobile hair and makeup services that I found online and have a bunch of questions I will send them. 
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    My wedding is October 2012 and I've already booked my hair and makeup appointments and trials. I booked the trial for about a month before the wedding.
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    Hi Agnes
    i left you a pm!!
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