Wood for making signs

I'm hoping to make some wooden directional signs, does anyone know where I can find some wood to recycle into my wedding signs?

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Re: Wood for making signs

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    I would go to any home improvement store and just ask if they have scrap wood. Most places do as they cut wood for customers and some don't take the extra pieces.
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    Yep, a hardware store - Home Depot or Rona.

    You could also buy an old wooden chair or desk or something at Value Village/Salvation Army/Goodwill and cut it up.

    Do you have a friend or neighbour or uncle with a workshop in their basement or garage?  Many people have scrap wood lying around in their workshop from a former fence/deck/cabinetry project.
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    thanks. I was hoping to find something that already had that old look to it, but if I have to take something new and make it look that way, it's always an option too. :)
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    Have you tried checking out kijiji??  on there they usually have ads for driftwood or old barn boards or even people needing help taking down barns and silos that you could take the wood away...

    Or try the furniture idea thats a good one
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    I looked on craigslist, but not kijiji yet, thanks!

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    Try school woodshops too!
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