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Hi!  I'm just looking into DIY invitations and STDs and I saw many people use custom stamps from  I was wondering if anyone knows of a Canadian custom stamp maker on Etsy, or if anyone has any experience ordering from an American shop and having it shipped to Canada.  Were there any problems with customs?  Any extra costs?

Thanks so much!

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Re: Etsy Custom Stamps

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    Do you mean postage stamps or stamps for wax seals.

    If you are looking for custom postage stamps, you can get them from Canada Post with any photo you want on them.  There is info on the Canada Post website.

    I haven't bought much from Etsy, but I've bought a ton of stuff from eBay for my wedding and I haven't had any trouble with customs or any extra costs.  Most of my purchases have come from the US or China and they have all come through just fine.
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